Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is the process of evaluating the environmental impacts of plans and programmes, specifically those identified in the UNEP SEA Directive, and presenting the results in an Environmental Report. While parallels can be drawn between plan and programme SEA and project Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the key difference is the strategic nature of the plans and programmes to which SEA applies.


Risk Assessment & Risk Management


Taiwo Adewole and Associates has built an outstanding team of scientists and engineers versed in the variety of disciplines and technical skills needed to evaluate and manage health and environmental risks. We offer our clients this unique technical strength, along with an unmatched depth of experience in applying these skills to real-world problems.


Environment, Health & Safety Management


We provide critical assistance to our clients in implementation of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and other management systems; analysis of emerging national and international environmental issues and standards; health and safety training; analytical decision making; evaluating environmental reserves; and evaluating EHS investments to ensure cost-effective risk management.


Integrated Industrial Wastewater Management


Our firm delivers innovative solutions and unparalleled service from leading experts in the field of integrated industrial wastewater management. Taiwo Adewole and Associates applies the best available technologies and engineering skills to complex industrial wastewater management challenges, including the application of comprehensive wastewater quality management through in-plant evaluation and source controls, end-of-pipe treatment, aquatic toxicology, receiving water assessment and evaluation, and regulatory permitting.


Health & Safety


The protection of worker health and safety presents complex challenges to business decision makers. Regulatory emphasis is shifting from enforcement toward collaboration and partnership with business and industry. Workers compensation costs continue to be a significant business concern. Taiwo Adewole and Associates provides a wide range of specialized health and safety consulting services to international concerns ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses. Clients from the chemical, manufacturing, services, distribution, commercial, financial, and legal sectors, as well as national, state, and local agencies, rely on us to develop solutions that effectively address both business needs and health and safety program requirements. Our experienced and certified health and safety professionals offer clients comprehensive and integrated health, safety, and environmental capabilities, extensive technical expertise, and a long-standing reputation for excellence.


Waste Management


Taiwo Adewole and Associates develops innovative solutions to a full range of waste management problems. We assist private and public sector clients with all facets of waste minimization, hazardous waste management, radioactive waste management, and solid waste management. We work closely with our clients to establish project goals early, so that subsequent activities are directed toward their efficient and timely realization. Our successful track record of risk-based evaluation, cost-effective technology selection, and client advocacy has established us as a premier consultant in this arena.


Water Quality Management


Our leading water quality experts, encompassing environmental engineering, risk assessment, regulatory compliance solutions, and innovative tools to monitor and evaluate surface water quality issues. We also provide services related to contaminated water supplies, industrial storm water, and other non-point discharges, including contaminant source identification, risk evaluation, treatment, and sewage system planning and sewer integrity investigation and upgrade


I/CDM Projects/Climate Change


We handle all climate Change related matters, Adaptation, Mitigation and Vulnerability. We also handle feasibility studies on Biodiesel and Biofuel.
CDM project Development & evaluation including PIN/PDD and assistance in CER certification and Finally, Technology assessment for GHG reduction


Waste to Energ/Renewable Energy


We also handle solid waste related matter, such as waste to wealth, waste to energy, solar panel/stove and lantern among others.